Safe food is the name of the game !!

Posted on February 17th, 2010 by Christian

My first post for 2010 is all about food safety. A passion of mine and a focus of many organisations working towards their legislative requirements under the Qld Food Act 2006. So, do you need a food safety plan at your business?…. Are you a caterer, a hospital, a child care centre or an aged care facility? Do you prepare meals? You may need to have an accredited food safety plan. You should check with your local council if you do or not as time is running out – then you should call me !!

All things food safety last year has included assisting new and existing clients of ‘The Chef Solution’ with meeting their requirements under Section 98 of the act and ensuring they all have a food safety plan that assesses any reasonable hazards they may incur at their organisation in the production of meals from purchasing of ingredients right through to the various types of service of those meals with a HACCP based approach. Food safety jargon can get the better of one who may be new to this information so it has been a busy time for ‘The Chef Solution’.

I am looking forward to working more closely with my clients, to meeting new clients and immersing myself more into taking the stress out of this sometimes confusing minefield of legislative lantana.

Keep your eyes on this site for updates, progress, new pictures and anything else relevant to the goings on under my ‘umbrella’ of hospitality intrigue this year – who knows what is around the corner… Even better, if you have any food horror stories you wish to share then post a blog and tell me about – love to hear it !

Cheers and thanks for reading,

The Chef Solution!!

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